Corporations around the world have been delivering e-learning to their staff for many years and data from Learning & Development leaders, industry analysts and sector bodies show the enormous growth of digital learning. Often the motivation for this digital learning provision is cost containment and the convenience of staff having learning content at their fingertips. Training providers also have been adapting to digital for many years, although there was some hesitancy in adopting elements of digital training in the provider community. Then, in 2020, Covid 19 caused a paradigm shift in the world of training.

We at Inmisceo, believe that digital-only is not the best strategy to create the highest training impact. Blended training programs create a similar or higher training impact while being more scalable and cost effective compared to instructor-led delivery. Blended certainly improves learner engagement and generally gives the training provider a much higher profit margin compared to all other training delivery strategies.

Most of the research done on blended learning is in educational settings such as colleges and universities. There is not a lot of publicised research available about the experience that training providers have with blended and how successful they are. That is why Inmisceo collaborated with The Student Consultancy (TSC) from the University of Oxford to get reliable data about adoption of blended learning by independent training providers in the United Kingdom.

The below interactive dashboard provide industry-level results for customised outputs from the 2023 UK Training Provider Trends Report. Simply review all industries, or use the filter below to review the results of one or more industry.

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