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Inmisceo has grown to become one of the leaders in quality support and consulting services for training providers in the UK. We have supplied over a million learning licences to trainers who have tapped into our team’s vast expertise and use our state-of-the-art platform to create, run and manage their blended training courses.

But we thought we’d take you back a little way in our story, to help you see why we are so obsessed with being the best and most affordable solution for trainers across the country.

Our Story Begins Here…

Headshot of Jan Jilis van Delsen

A small change can transform a life

This is the principle our founder Jan Jilis van Delsen built our company on, but it’s also a fundamental truth that he experienced in his own life.

A chance offer of a position to replace a much-respected teacher he had been a student of years earlier, set Jan on a new course (quite literally). He started out teaching young adults in the hospitality sector about PR. Then, over time, he expanded into other subjects, lecturing on basic wine knowledge, then marketing and management. Within a year he was teaching in three schools, day and night.

June 2000
Building a Career

Rapid learning, rapid growth

Jan joined one of the world’s most successful e-learning companies, Thomson NETg (now Skillsoft) and over the next seven years he went from business development manager to executive director for UK operations, increasing the EMEA channel business an impressive eightfold in the process.

Then over the next decade, working at organisations as varied as Giunti, Panopto and RCNi (Royal College of Nursing), he gained a broader perspective on the training market, which troublingly revealed that there was something fundamentally wrong at the heart of it.

The Defining Moment

What’s wrong and how can we solve it?

In total Jan spent 25 years working within the training, e-learning and learning technology sectors. And, what became increasingly clear and frustrating to him was that the sector as a whole seemed to be suffering from a chronic quality issue.

Too much training that just did not teach.

Poor training leads to a lack of engagement, students dropping out, dissatisfaction in the market, low course repurchase rates and, most importantly, students left unchanged – which in the case of Compliance training, to take just one example, leaves organisations open to the very real risk of errors and fines.

Jan was determined to change this.

July 2017
More Training Impact


A new start

So, in 2017 Jan founded our business, drawing in experts with a wide variety of skills from across the training sector to help him build the organisation you see today – one that’s partnered with world-leading course development and training business management platform, aNewSpring, and one which provides trainers with the tools, support and consulting expertise to help them to turn their subject material into amazing courses, and their businesses from start-ups into confident scale-ups and commercial successes.

Inmisceo is now part of the WHKNE Group, three businesses which between them support training providers, associations and sector bodies, offering training solutions and consultancy services to their customers and members.

The Team

 Jan Jilis van Delsen

Jan van Delsen

CEO, founder of Inmisceo

I’ve always wanted to help to empower people to be their best selves, which is why, after a long career in learning technology, I established Inmisceo to make a real difference. When I’m not behind a laptop you’ll find me soaking up the sights on my bike.

Paul Higgins

Paul Higgins

Head of Sales

In our business we believe that we are all on a journey of discovery. As well as being head of sales at Inmisceo I’m also passionate about building communities that embolden individuals to succeed in life’s learning challenges so that things can be that little bit brighter tomorrow.

Concordia Levinta

Concordia Levinta

Marketing Coordinator

I spend my days immersed in collateral design and promotional campaigns to spread the word about ways Inmisceo helps training providers to build their training businesses. But, when I’m not at work I love to view, paint and admire still life and abstract art.


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