Training Provider Automation

Training providers giving their customers choice in delivery options operate an instructor-led and digital business. Training delivery is usually defined in four categories:


Virtual-Instructor Led Training (V-ILT)



Making your instructor-led business more cost effective

Inmisceo brings you the first completely integrated solution to manage, deliver and scale all training delivery options.

The solution consists of the two leading systems for instructor-led, blended and online:
Arlo’s Training Management System combined with aNewSpring’s blended learning platform.

These systems were designed specifically for training providers, so match your requirements perfectly.

organisational strucutre of business
Arlo and aNewSpring Training Platforms

Inmisceo takes away all the hassle of integration and dealing with multiple suppliers.
You get one partner with one complete solution solving the technology challenge, leaving you to so you can focus on growing your business.

LeadershipDecision makingAccess to management informationCRM + integrations of tools = reporting
OperationsLogisticsEfficiency effectivenessTraining and office productivity
Curriculum developmentDesign, create or buyOnline learning, Office productivityStoryline, aNewSpring, MS Powerpoint
Delivery strategyClass, V-ILT, Blend, OnlineOnline automate integrated delivery and customer experienceArlo, aNewSpring

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