Blended Learning Trends from Training Providers 2023

Inmisceo has collaborated with TSC at the University of Oxford to conduct much needed research on the blended learning trends of training providers. This comprehensive report provides more insight into:

Challenges in making blended delivery successful

Why training providers adopt blended learning

How to get blended right

What benefits training companies experienced

Which specific growth opportunities training providers can capitalise on

Despite the growing popularity of blended learning, there is very little relevant data on its impact outside education. This report shines a light on the efforts of providers and what it takes to be successful with this training delivery strategy.

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At Inmisceo we believe blended learning is the training delivery method that is most impactful, scalable and profitable. The report, which was a project managed by TSC from University of Oxford, supports our views but also shows what requirements need to be met to make it successful.

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