Developing a successful, scalable, blended training business: Elevana Case Study

When buying a new house, a demonstrator from the house builder will help the new homeowner get acquainted with their purchase.  They will show them how everything works, how to maintain and look after their new home and what is covered by their warranty. 

It’s important for the house builder that this is done professionally, and that the customer is satisfied with the demonstration and handover. The home builder’s reputation depends on it.

This is where Elevana comes in. They are the people who make sure the demonstrators from the house builder are trained to deliver the perfect demonstration and handover. Elevana has trained over 30,000 people, which makes them the leading business in their field. Their approach is refreshing and creates professionals capable of demonstrating new homes to the highest standards.  

The result is happy knowledgeable customers.  

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Buying a new home is a considerable financial and emotional investment by the customer.  This means that emotions can quickly get out of control when things go wrong or are misunderstood during the buying and settling-in process.

Elevana offers a unique course called How to control your elephant, designed to help house builder staff stay calm when faced with an emotional customer and then say (or write) the right things at the right time in the right order. 

See how they control the elephant.

The problem…

The Covid 19 pandemic forced Elevana to find an online solution. People were still buying houses and the training needs had not gone away.

After thoroughly researching the market for online platforms, Malcolm Pitcher, Managing Director / Chief Elephant Trainer, found the aNewSpring blended learning platform for training providers to be the best fit for his business.

They created blended learning courses with videos and instructor-led sessions. To prepare for the practical sessions, learners receive access to the videos a week before. Long enough to comfortably get it done, not so long they can afford to procrastinate.

For How to control your elephant, instructor-led sessions are delivered via V-ILT (Zoom or Teams).  Classroom sessions are possible again for those clients who insist upon it but V-ILT is the preferred delivery method. Saving travel, time, costs and hassle of logistics. 

Some aspects of the demonstration training are currently best delivered in a face-to-face environment, but Elevana is nevertheless determined to challenge the status quo and plans to develop a fully online course. To make sure they get it completely right, Cary Davey, Head of Demonstrations and Operations, has hired an independent learning specialist to design and create the course. 

Elevana is using more tools and technology. They set up their own Audio Visual department to create videos and they use a mobile app and Augmented Reality to remotely demonstrate new homes.

The solution…

The company has developed a full-service, scalable training offering with Classroom, In-house, V-ILT, Blended and Online delivery.

How do Elevana and Inmisceo work together?

  • The aNewSpring platform is used to develop and deliver blended learning journeys
  • Inmisceo introduced Karlie O’Hara, the online content designer
  • Pricing Strategy workshop to help with market expansion and investment decision making

Cary Davey says about the partnership

Our home demonstration course has always focused on being a ‘hand-on’ training session, so delegates learn by touching and practising. When Covid happened, we didn’t want to lose this capability as the housing market was still active. Sections of our course were immediately transferred to our aNewSpring platform with the walkthrough ‘hands-on’ session being conducted via Augmented Reality until we were allowed to train in a social distancing capability. Delegates love the ability to do part of the course online in their own time.

Nevertheless, whilst a challenge to design the physical walkthrough session, it is our ambition to achieve this and make the full course digital learning.

Malcolm Pitcher says about the partnership.

On the first day of the first Covid lockdown, our forward orders for training completely disappeared. Everything was done face-to-face. We were forced to rethink everything about our training provision. I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect platform to work with. One platform, aNewSpring, stood head and shoulders above all the rest. It’s a platform specifically designed for training companies, they support you all the way during your initial set-up, which can be daunting for anyone new to digital learning, and they have continued to support us.

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