Do we have a connected universe to solve our worlds challenges today

Reading the latest articles, it is clear businesses have sustainability challenges relating to the high demand for skills and talented individuals. At what point do we enable training to transfer science, technology and engineering to inspire the next generation of passionate individuals, businesses and governments? Resolution starts with small developments in the right direction.

This was the inspiration for this post. Paul Higgins Head of Sales was very much intrigued by the opportunities of growth in the space sector. Since 2021, evaluating the opportunities to partner and validate the value proposition with collaborations on international programmes. On the 26th April 2022, Inmisceo was proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Ray Stott of SpaceSpecilalists with the capabilities to provide technical and skills training in the Space Sector for the Upstream and Downstream economy.

The following day, a team of experts were deployed to SPACEtalks 3.0 at Harwell Science Innovation Campus. Paul led discussions relating to Space Strategy training and learning innovation. For example, in networked laser satellite power and energy generation. Future aspirations for power consumption on earth. Which then posed the question, how has space influenced our lives today?

One notable innovation and impact, from satellite navigation experiments in the mid 1960′ Global Positioning System (GPS). The original application was developed for military navigation, weapon deployment and mission targeting.  In our daily lives it improves physical training and fitness tracking, with information consumption with apps such as Strava on a global scale. Emergency services and first responders can safely and quickly locate in perilous situations and scenarios as they unfold. Now seen in applied and emerging applications in commercial drone services package deliveries, high risk infrastructure inspections to UK paramedics use high-tech jet packs for rescue operations

Today we face the challenge to generate efficient energy and power sources, as we look to space and the potential of orbital power stations. Utilising laser technologies, charging satellites and harvesting energy. Then the potential to beam to power stations directly on earth. 

What innovations are personal to you and impact potential to life?

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