How to apply the EXCELS framework to enhance your training provision

Becoming an industry leading training provider is all about embodying industry best practice. Below is our step by step guide showing you how to apply the six EXCELS principles so that your training stands out from the competition:

You need to ensure that your training is…

  1. Engaging

Your trainers need to be engaging – as well as qualified and competent. The easiest way is to make the course more varied so that teaching is naturally more fun. Even the most enthusiastic trainers struggle to engage learners with a recorded powerpoint. 

Our chosen platform aNewSpring provides a full range of features to make your content more engaging. Easily integrate youtube videos, a range of puzzles, and ask learners to reflect on lessons with written prompts.

  1. eXpected 

Clear expectations between learners and trainers is essential. Doing this well is really about how you design the course itself. 

Our expert e-learning creators can show you how to structure your training so that learners know exactly what’s expected of them. In aNewSpring, you can insert terms and conditions directly into the course as pdfs, or links. No more extra emails that get in the way of the learner starting the course. 

  1. Correct

There are two key ways to ensure your course materials are always correct. First, you need a quality management process that ensures regular reviews. Second, you need to streamline your updates with a process we call ‘productisation’. This can save you hundreds of hours in the long run.

‘Productisation’ is where you break down courses into specific modules that are organised separately in a content library. To make a course in aNewSpring, you just combine these modules easily in a template. Just drag and drop them in the order you want, vary the difficulty, and even add a branded first page for different clients. 

To grasp the scale of this benefit, here’s an example – one of our clients CIEH has over 1500 courses made from different module variations. To update 1500 courses individually with even one change could take months…but with a content library, it only takes 10 minutes. In aNewSpring, any changes to the modules in the content library update automatically across all courses where they are included.

  1. Evaluated

You need to make sure you’re regularly reviewing your course and asking for learner feedback. aNewSpring allows you to integrate feedback requests into the course and easily collate them into a report. You can also ask at various intervals after the course – a week, three and six months for instance, so you can better understand your training impact in the long term. 

  1. Learning environment 

Subject matter information isn’t enough for industry leading training – the entire learning environment needs to be optimised for engagement and interaction. Alongside multi-modal features, there are other important ways in which aNewSpring is different and better than a corporate LMS, and it’s all because it’s a blended learning platform designed specifically for training providers. 

With aNewSpring trainers can separately brand courses for different customers, distribute access codes for learners even when you don’t know who they are, design course catalogues for different learning groups and even sell your courses directly through the platform’s e-commerce function.

aNewSpring is a learning environment designed for training providers to make their jobs easier.

  1. Supported

For your learners to successfully complete their training, they need continual support and feedback on their process. The social learning features inside aNewSpring allow learners to continually interact with their trainer and their fellow delegates.

This includes a separate chat room, areas below each lesson for class interaction, and a direct messaging channel between the trainer and learner. Trainers can communicate continually with learners, answering questions, giving pointers and monitoring areas where extra revision is needed. 

Inmisceo has chosen a selection of content, a platform and provides advisory solutions which enable training providers to succeed. We believe that the most strategic choice you can make is your platform, which is why we recommend aNewSpring – the learning journey platform designed specifically for training providers.

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